Tanzania National Parks Biological Diverse

A biologically diverse haven, Tanzania’s national parks make up about 15% of its land area

Lions, leopards, buffalo – sometimes it seems as if every animal under the sun can be found

roaming these parks. From the Northern Circuit with Tarangire (home of the elephants) and

Serengeti (famous for the Serengeti plains and one of the most remarkable nature

spectacles in the world: the annual migration of millions of wildebeests and hundreds of

thousands of gazelles and zebras) to the Southern circuit with Manyara (a unique

experience, with monkeys, flamingos and climbing lions) and Ruaha (the largest and most

populous protected area in East Africa, uniquely known for harbouring small animals like

monitor lizards and poisonous snakes).

No matter what park you’re visiting, seeing Tanzania’s native wildlife up close truly is a

breathtaking sight.

Having a knowledgeable guide can really exceed your expectations and offer a memorable

experience, transforming your trip from ordinary to extraordinary, but with such a range to

choose from, the choice can become quickly overwhelming.

So how can you avoid the stress and make your trip the most enjoyable one possible?


Three Peaks may be a newly registered company, but our staff have a staggering amount of

experience, training and professionalism. Rafael, our head guide, has been providing

guidance and trip planning services for over 5 years and has worked with many large

operators spanning the country, guiding hundreds of happy clients. With our guides being so

knowledgeable, you are guaranteed to leave the experience knowing something new and

seeing the world in a different light. All our personnel are enthusiastic and friendly, so they’ll

go above and beyond to make sure you have the best trip possible. We are here to give you

the eye-opening, authentic experience you deserve.

Our expertise is not just limited to national parks; they aren’t the only natural beauties this

wonderful country has to offer – we’ll take you up Mount Kilimanjaro, with its array of

different routes (the best-known one being the Marangu route, also known as the Coca-Cola

route). Your journey will be unforgettable and as well as climbing the mountain, we’ll teach

you about the native flora and fauna and educate you about the community maintaining the

mountain. We’ll take you on game drives, walking safaris, boat safaris, hiking and visiting the

local village – we are well-versed in the local culture. Our flexibility is unmatched; our guides

can speak multiple languages and can adapt to your style of tourism no matter your interests

– from wildlife or bird-watching to plant life and culture.


Larger operators are often disconnected from the individual customer, who we feel should be

at the heart of all business decisions made. Not only will your experience be less personal,

but often big operators act as resellers for travel services – charging high prices for safaris,

outsourcing the actual trip to a smaller local company and keeping the difference. Our

safaris are designed to suit all kinds of budgets, so contact us today!

We believe in responsible tourism. There are no middlemen; we are a group of experienced

local mountain guides and safari guides offering you our services. Any business we make

from you will go completely to benefitting the hardworking porters, guides and staff who help

make your journey the magical, unforgettable experience we know it will be. Not only does

that mean there is no middleman inflating prices for you, but also every dollar you spend will

go directly to supporting the local community. What you pay is exactly what we receive.

We can’t wait to serve you and show you our beautiful home!

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