Best Time to Visit Serengeti

Serengeti is one of the most known national park in Africa particularly found in Tanzania. This park offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the world. Though there are many things to do in Serengeti rather than game drive. The presence of plenty wildlife make Serengeti to fit to fulfill the dreams of many tourists travelling to Tanzania. Also apart from wildlife the Serengeti have the vast golden plain covered with thorny acacia trees, kopjes, crocodiles and Hippo Rivers. Read More

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris Ideas

Tanzania wildlife safari is a full internet travel and the tour information lead on Tanzania safaris, tours, holidays, adventure travel and reasonable getaways to the overall to the best known northern national parks of Tanzania. Your classic Tanzania wildlife safari starts with the fascinating early morning game drive, spotting animals in their natural residencies and being on with nature. After the long day of your game viewing safari in our national parks you will be back at your lodges or tented camp welcomed with a drink as you settle in your room or a private tent. You will take a shower to remove the dust from the bush and be ready for supper. Read More

Which Is The Best Route To Climb Kilimanjaro?

There are seven established Kilimanjaro climbing routes which they tend to differ only in their length, scenery and cost. They also have different hardest stages and different success rates. Choosing a Kilimanjaro trekking route is one of the most vital decisions you have to consider.

The seven Kilimanjaro best trekking routes tend to vary not only in the cost, length and scenery but also each route has its own advantage and disadvantage. They are the marangu, Umbwe route, Shira, Lemosho, northern circuit, Rongai and the Machame route. Though some of the operator will make the comprehensive statements that a certain route is good or bad. Read More…

Kilimanjaro Training Preparation & Fitness.

Kilimanjaro training fitness and preparations is the physical exercise taken so that you could be able and fit to trek Kilimanjaro Mountain. Being good physically is something important in many aspects normally strong, trained legs make it easier to ascent and descent for sustained periods of time.

Overall aerobic fitness permits the body to function efficiently with less oxygen. A fit body is additionally probable to withstand the pressure of continuously days hiking and camping the mountain.

Always develop a positive mental attitude when fatigue and doubts arise. The previous exercise is important as you will be hiking between 5-10 miles a day for the number of your climbing days as you will take up to 9 days for a long route. Read More…

Average Price Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro.

Primarily you are advised not to decide by looking on one price alone. The price should be one element of your final decision. The highest elevation hiking is not the place to buy the cheap commodities but it is the place to sometimes overpay the needlessly.

You have to know that what you are finding is high quality services at affordable price. The average cost of the Kilimanjaro trekking normally does not include your before and after accommodation. Also it does not include the climbing gears and equipment’s, the flights and vaccinations.

It is easy to understand the price cost to trek Kilimanjaro, what you have to do is just to follow the basics and rules from mount Kilimanjaro national park. Initially you have to know the park entry fees, quality food per meal cost, how much the guides and porters are paid, the government tax, transport cost and your accommodation cost. Read More…

Tanzania Nation Parks Biological Diverse

A biologically diverse haven, Tanzania’s national parks make up about 15% of its land area

Lions, leopards, buffalo – sometimes it seems as if every animal under the sun can be found

roaming these parks. From the Northern Circuit with Tarangire (home of the elephants) and

Serengeti (famous for the Serengeti plains and one of the most remarkable nature

spectacles in the world: the annual migration of millions of wildebeests and hundreds of

thousands of gazelles and zebras) to the Southern circuit with Manyara (a unique

experience, with monkeys, flamingos and climbing lions) and Ruaha (the largest and most

populous protected area in East Africa, uniquely known for harbouring small animals like

monitor lizards and poisonous snakes). Read More…

Equipments & Tools  For Kilimanjaro

When coming up with your mountain peak trek, generally it is a challenge to make your mind up. The route to require, the small point of arrival/departure, whereto stay before/after the
Trek and the wayabundant time you must dedicate for the tour.
We do our greatest to alter the work of our clients by having the simplest customer
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minutes) and providing clear value structures and our recommendations for itineraries
based on your preferences.
However, over the years and once thousands of tours unionized, we’ve got gathered a
list of the queries that our customers raiseusthe foremost, and answer them in this page.
With of thesequeries here, it’ll be easier for you to forma choice and even
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