Best Time to Visit Serengeti

Serengeti is one of the most known national park in Africa particularly found in Tanzania. This park offers some of the best wildlife viewing in the world. Though there are many things to do in Serengeti rather than game drive. The presence of plenty wildlife make Serengeti to fit to fulfill the dreams of many tourists travelling to Tanzania. Also apart from wildlife the Serengeti have the vast golden plain covered with thorny acacia trees, kopjes, crocodiles and Hippo Rivers

 Not only the attractions above but also Serengeti have earned the title of the seven natural wonders of Africa and ten of the natural travel wonders of the world.  This is for being the site for the largest terrestrial mammals’ migrations in the world. The park is characterized with the huge population of lions and it is the home of the big five and also almost 500 bird species. 

While arranging your safari to visit this amazing place, you will need to put into consideration its vastness and the timing of your visitation so as to guarantee the best viewing experience. You might also like to do an alternative view of this wonderful ecosystem on a walking safari, night drive, hot air balloon drives or plane. These can be the option to the daytime game drives. You can get the chance to visit the cultural activities like the Maasai local village or learning about the paleo anthropological finding of oldupai gorge.

 Let us now share some practical information and then we will cover our list of the top ten things to do while in Serengeti.

Basic Information about the Serengeti National Park 

The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai word “Siringet” which means the plain endless land. The park is located in the northern of Tanzania mainland and it occupies the huge area of land.

The Serengeti is used typically to refer to as the protected national park. But it occupies the greater and larger ecosystem of about 30000 square kilometers and the inclusion of the other game reserves and parks of Ngorongoro conservation area and the Masai Mara national park in Kenya. The Serengeti is also known as the route for wildebeest migrations.

Entrance fees for Serengeti National Park.

The current park fees to visit Serengeti national park are $60 per person for visitors over the age of 16 years and $20per person for the children under the age of 16 years. These fees are for per day. Therefore you can roughly know the cost of your park fees by simply multiplying the number of days you are staying times the rate of the park fee.

When is the best time to visit?

Serengeti is one of the national park in Tanzania that provides the good game view all around the year. Though you there is heavy rainfall in the month of April and May that must be avoided. You will have to plan your visit to Serengeti regarding to your wish as in Serengeti there is many things to witness like the calving season of the wildebeest, river crossing  of the wildebeest , the best time to see the predators and bird watching.  Though all time of the year can be the great time to visit Serengeti but it is more vital to choose the places of Serengeti you would like to visit and being explored by its nature and beauty depending to your sightseeing priorities. Basing of what you want to see and the duration of your safari our company provide a rough guide for the Serengeti four sections and what you expect to see in each section

  • The Seronera and the central Serengeti, this is the place which is mostly visited as wildlife viewing is good all-round the year and it has the most lodging alternatives. Remember that this is the most crowded part of the park.
  • The northern Serengeti area, this is the area which is less crowded area since it is visited by few tourists due to its remoteness. Though this area offer some of the luxury camps and lodges in the country. In this area there is possibility of seeing the wildebeest when they are crossing the Mara River around July and August. Also several camps offer a walking safari.
  • The plains of southern Serengeti area. This area is famous due to its accessibility and it offers the great place to see the herds from December to March and also the opportunity to the calving season in February. Remember that in this place there is scarcity of animals during the dry season.
  • The western Serengeti area or the western corridor, this place provides the descent wildlife viewing all year round and the wildebeest reaching the Grumeti River around June and May. The river is also potential for viewing the crocodiles and hippos.

Where can I stay in Serengeti?

In the Serengeti national park there are wide varieties of accommodation ranging from public campsite to luxury lodges. Some of the camps are permanent tented camps while the others are mobile and seasonal camps. In central Serengeti area there is the great varieties of lodges around the Seronera region.

You can be able to find something suitable in Serengeti regarding to your budget. If you need to camp on an affordable but luxury camp choose those located in the remote.  Also you can book a well advanced accommodation in cheap in the peak season.

It will normally cost you $30 to $50 us dollars if you choose to stay in public accommodations. You need to book in advance if you are planning to stay in tented camps or lodges.

A Hot Air Balloon Safari on the Serengeti

The hot air balloon safari can be offered in both the northern and the central Serengeti. It must include     the breakfast of the decadent champagne out of the plains at the time you land. This sunrise game drive on the Serengeti is one of the hints to your trip

Spotting the Big Five on the Serengeti Safari

While in Serengeti national park know that you have the highest possibility of spotting the big five iconic animals, the lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo.  The Serengeti is the home of all the big five but it is rare to spot the rhinoceros in open plains.

.In Seronera region of the park is the suitable place where you can easily spot the lions and leopards, the buffalos can be seen around the whole park. You can also spot the elephants during the wildebeest migration as they tend to avoid the noisy provided by these creatures

Camping on a Serengeti Safari

Camping on the open plains of Serengeti for those who are in a budget or a sense of adventure is once in a lifetime experience. Our company offers all the camping gears for those who want to have a Serengeti camping safari.

Remember that all the safari camping must be accompanied by the private chef who will provide all the food services for you in a safari.

Serengeti have the primary campsite of Seronera and lobo serviced by public restrooms and has basic facilities on site.

The Wildebeest Migration

In order to spot the wildebeest migrations while in Serengeti you need to be situated at the Seronera. This central Serengeti region is good all the year around and has the varieties of accommodations. While in this place you can witness the December to march wildebeest calving, April to May the great wildebeest migrations.



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